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Cyber security

On their website: liberate the world from undetectable digital threats.

Led by reputable cyber security pioneers, we develop best-of-breed technologies to detect unknown threats that others miss. Thus, we empower organizations to augment and automate security operations by providing the world’s best threat detection and analysis platform.

We help organizations build and grow their products, services, operations, and relationships on secure ground that allows them to focus on what matters with ultimate peace of mind. This, for us, is the foundation stone of digital transformation.

With 45 + YEARSExecutive Experience in Malware Analysis.

In 2013 Mray GmbH was founded.

On our website: VMRay, founded as MRay GmbH in 2013, leverages over 45 years of executive experience in malware analysis. Guided by cybersecurity pioneers, we've emerged as leaders in detecting threats that elude others. VMRay state-of-the-art technologies comprise the world's foremost threat detection and analysis platform, empowering organizations to fortify and automate security operations. We offer a secure foundation for businesses to thrive, prioritizing what truly matters. VMRay embodies a dedication to digital transformation, ensuring resilience and innovation against evolving cyber challenges.

Automate security tasks

accelerate analysis and response

enable reliable threat intelligence


VMray Deep response

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On their website: As the most advanced malware and phishing analysis sandbox, VMRay DeepResponse helps organizations overcome their challenges in responding to and mitigating file and URL-based threats. With a focus on speed and efficiency, DeepResponse is designed to help you reduce incident response times, improve the ROI of your threat-hunting efforts as well as enable you to start your detection engineering journey efficiently.

On our website: (Advanced Malware Analysis, Phishing Detection, Incident Response, and Threat-Hunting Efficiency)

VMRAY final verdict

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On their website: Built on the VMRay Platform, Final Verdict enables organizations to automate, accelerate and scale alert triage and investigation. As the single reliable source of truth, VMRay FinalVerdict provides timely insights around malware and phishing threats to increase the SOC effectiveness. With over 30 built-in technologies and API connectors, Final Verdict is highly adaptable to a range of SOC environments and security tools.

On our website: (Automated Alert Triage, SOC Effectiveness, Malware Insights, and Security Tools Integration)

Vmray total insight

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On their website: (VMRay TotalInsight enables organizations to build tailored threat intelligence against threat landscape they’re facing. TotalInsight is the ultimate solution for Threat Intelligence teams that demand scalability and efficiency in their malware analysis process. Designed for use by elite security teams, TotalInsight offers a fully autonomous platform that harnesses the power of next-generation sandboxes to produce reliable threat intelligence.)

On our website: (Tailored Threat Intelligence, Scalable Malware Analysis, Autonomous Platform, and Next-Generation Sandboxes)

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