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Cyber security

On their website: conpal GmbH is a leading, independent provider of IT security solutions for the protection of confidential data by means of encryption and authentication. Data is protected regardless of whether data storage is local, mobile, on networks or in cloud environments.

The solutions of conpal GmbH are being used in numerous companies as well as economic and public administration organizations to ensure that only authorized users can retrieve sensitive information. They meet the typical requirements of enterprise customers, are flexible when it comes to mapping organizational structures, easy to roll out and scalable. The conpal LAN Crypt data-centric encryption solution operates in the background, mostly invisible to the user, and is easy for IT staff to manage using existing roles and policies.

We at conpal GmbH provide our products and services in conjunction with international, established, qualified partners. Our range contains software products we have developed ourselves as well as solutions sourced from competent partners, so that we can achieve substantial added value for users. Based in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, our company stands out due to the profound expert knowledge of our staff in encryption and strong authentication – our areas of focus.

Our many years of experience designing and developing enterprise-ready, scalable security products combined with excellence in innovation make conpal GmbH one of the most esteemed providers of IT security in Europe.

•   Cooperation: We maintain intense interaction with key technology providers in the enterprise environment. We work closely with our partners in order to achieve the best possible results with products and implementation.

•   Evolution: We are continually improving our products from a security perspective.

•   Ease of use: Thanks to continuous communication with our customers, we optimize all functions with regard to the user experience.

•   Business continuity: We provide our customers with top-quality support to ensure the full performance capability of our products at all times.

•   Responsiveness: We respond immediately to new threats and communicate with our customers regarding threat scenarios in a transparent and solution-oriented manner.

On our website: Conpal GmbH, based in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, stands out as a leading IT security solutions provider, specializing in encryption and authentication. Conpal solutions ensure the protection of confidential data across diverse platforms, catering to local, mobile, network, and cloud environments. Trusted by companies and public organizations, offering flexible and scalable solutions that seamlessly integrate with various organizational structures. The Conpal LAN Crypt data-centric encryption operates invisibly, managed effortlessly by IT staff. Our profound expertise in encryption and strong authentication, combined with collaboration with international partners, positioning Conpal as a trusted provider of IT security in Europe. Focusing on cooperation, evolution, ease of use, business continuity, and responsiveness reflects our commitment to delivering top-quality solutions.

Secure critical files/ Your sensitive data is protected

On their website: by state-of-the-art security procedures and encryption algorithms. Depending on requirements, we can also provide certified operating environments. Persistent encryption ensures that your sensitive data remains permanently protected. On our website: Keep your sensitive data safe with encryption algorithms including certified operating environments.

Encrypt files on removable devices

Secure file sharing with external parties

On their website: Secure exchange with external parties – With conpal LAN Crypt 2Go, users have the option of password-based encryption of files. The file and password can then be shared with a user outside your organization – preferably via different channels. They can then decrypt the file, edit it and send it again. The data cannot be viewed in plain text at any time during transport. They can also be stored securely in the cloud or on a file share without operators or administrators having access to them. Available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux, as well as an installation-free web portal, it offers a flexible, versatile means of increasing the basic protection of data. conpal LAN Crypt 2Go is free of charge for private users. Once entered, the password can be stored in the "Key Ring" and is automatically used by conpal LAN Crypt 2Go when a file encrypted with this key is opened. Working with conpal LAN Crypt 2Go is then transparent – the user does not have to take any additional steps and can save, move or send the file as usual. The protection remains in place. To work with your team, you can import the password-based key into your central administration and share it with all or selected employees. In this way, you ensure that everyone can exchange files conveniently and securely, even when working with project teams. On our website: Enhance data protection and facilitate secure file exchange with external parties using conpal LAN Crypt 2Go, offering password-based encryption, versatile platform compatibility, and user-friendly transparent experience.


Conpal Lancrypt

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On their website: conpal LAN Crypt protects your data. You can specify which employees can retrieve which files and folders – and this is irrespective of their location or endpoint device. Managing the rights is easy and is rule-based. The encryption is almost invisible to the users. They don’t need to change the way that they usually work. Through the use of existing roles and policies, management is easy for the security administrator. Numerous companies as well as economic and public administration organizations in Germany and throughout the world place their trust in conpal LAN Crypt when it comes to protecting their sensitive data.

On our website: (Data Protection Control, Rule-Based Access Management, User-Friendly Encryption, and Global Trusted Solution)

Conpal lancrypt 2 go

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On their website: The solution for exchanging data with external parties. Users can use it to encrypt files on a password basis and thus protect sensitive information on its way to customers, clients, service providers or partners. Available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux and as an installation-free web portal, it offers a flexible, versatile means of increasing the basic protection of data. Conpal LAN Crypt 2Go is free for private users.

On our website: (External Data Encryption, Password-Based File Protection, and Flexible Data Protection)

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