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Cyber security

Intercede is a premier provider of digital identity and security solutions, empowering organizations of all sizes, including governments, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations, to shield their people, data, and assets from cyber threats. Our MyID digital identity platform ensures secure access to applications, complemented by MyID Mobile for secure authentication on mobile devices. Our suite includes robust authentication solutions like two-factor and multi-factor authentication, alongside tools for managing privileged accounts and access. committed to helping organizations protect themselves from the latest cyber threats and building a more secure connected world.

Password Security and Compliance

Password Security Audit: (Authlogics provide a Password Security Audit that identifies people within your organisation who are using breached passwords and putting your business at risk. The per-user report highlights in detail the risks and issues with your Active Directory user accounts with no disruption to you or your users as it is run remotely in minutes) On our website: (identifies and reports on individuals using compromised passwords in your organization without a disruption)

Simplified Authentication

MOBILE AUTHENTICATION AND TRANSACTION SIGNING On their website: ( Authorise transactions using a mobile app, Organisations need to know that high value business operations, such as authorising a purchase or approving access for a new security administrator, are performed by suitably authorised individuals) On our website: ( Authorize transactions via a mobile app, ensuring high-value business operations are conducted by duly authorized individuals)

Login Adaptability

On their website: (Up to 10 token devices per user allowing flexibility with multiple choice of MFA technologies. Secure access to both Cloud-based and on-premises applications) - Multi-Factor Authentication - Intercede

Identity verification (MyID | PIV)

On their website: (MyID PIV is a software solution for federal agencies that issue and manage secure digital identities to federal employees using public key infrastructure (PKI) ) On our website: (software solution tailored for federal agencies tasked with issuing and overseeing secure digital identities for federal employees using public key infrastructure (PKI))


Password Security Management

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On their website: (With over 80% of data breaches being linked to weak, shared or stolen passwords, passwords can be problematic. Authlogics Password Security Management (PSM) assesses existing password-related weaknesses, reports on current threats and risks, automatically remediates the problem, and provides ongoing real-time protection and alerting from new password breaches. Authlogics PSM improves security and compliance as well as enhances the end-user experience. The simple and robust solution simplifies password management by removing the complexities and complying with NIST, NCSC, CMMC, GDPR, and other digital identity guidelines. With the detection and prevention of breached passwords via real-time and scheduled checking, PSM stops accounts from sharing passwords and offers instant password feedback and automatic remediation. When passwords are found to be breached or shared, end-users are forced to change their password. The PSM solution provides a Self-Service Portal whereby end-users have the facility to manage their own accounts and reset their passwords, reducing the need to contact the IT support desk every time they lock themselves out)

On our website: ((Authentication Solutions, Data Breach Prevention, Compliance and Security, and Self-Service Password Portal)

Multi factor authentication

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On their website: (Companies can simplify and secure their login processes with Authlogics MFA technologies which offer a complete and easy-to-deploy login solution with multi-token and tokenless, password replacement, and single-sign-on for both on-premises and cloud applications)

On our website: (MFA technologies and Secure login)

Passwordless authentication

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On their website: (Passwordless and Deviceless logins with pattern-based authentication and secure One Time Passcodes. Multiple passwordless MFA login options to remove the risk of phishing, dictionary, or brute force attacks)

On our website: (Deviceless Logins, Pattern-Based Authentication, and One Time Passcodes)

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