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Cyber security

Redefining file security, Glasswall addresses overlooked vulnerabilities with traditional methods. Our advanced technology utilizes zero-trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) techniques, thoroughly validating, rebuilding, and cleansing every file to automatically eliminate potential threats. Unlike conventional approaches, Glasswall's zero-trust CDR ensures protection against both known and emerging threats, offering clients unparalleled security today and in the future. Committed to sustainability, Glasswall is a certified Carbon Neutral organization, aligning innovation with environmental responsibility)

Secure Data in Cloud Service Providers

On their website: (Glasswall CDR’s zero-trust file protection is different – instead of looking for malicious content, our advanced CDR process treats all files as untrusted, validating, cleaning and rebuilding each one against their manufacturer's known good specification) On our website: (Glasswall CDR's zero-trust file protection uniquely treats all files as untrusted, validating, cleaning, and rebuilding against manufacturers' specifications)

Secure data in isolated networks

On their website: (Glasswall CDR provides zero-trust file protection that maintains air-gapped network isolation. Detection based solutions require an open channel to ingest updates, compromising the isolation of secure networks. Glasswall's zero-trust philosophy doesn’t rely on updates to protect against both zero-day and known file-based threats – ensuring maximum isolation for secure networks) On our website: (Glasswall CDR keeps your files secure with zero-trust protection, isolating networks without compromising security)

Secure file upload portals

On their website: (The Glasswall Embedded Engine’s zero-trust sanitization capabilities can be established at various integration points within an organization’s security architecture. This provides security teams with the capability to instantly and automatically remove known and zero-day (unknown) file-based threats – delivering secure, visually identical, and full functioning files to the end user) On our website: Glasswall Embedded Engine's zero-trust sanitization that delivers and fully functional files to end users.

Protection from file based threats



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