Privacy policy

Privacy & Cookies Notice

Shifra values your privacy and is an important factor to us. The privacy policy elaborates how Shifra (“we” or “us” or “our”) gathers personal data you provide to us through our correspondence. We also explain the options available to you with regards to our use of your data and where you can update and access this information.


Information we collect:

  • If you decide to purchase one of our services or products, we collect all relevant information include name, email address, number, company name, billing and addresses.
  • If you complete a web form or request to download, we might collect your name, number, email address, company name, company industry or IP address.
  • If you wish to use our Shifra TAS services for our support, we gather data of the contact method you prefer, including phone number or email address and information which helps resolve your support case.

Information we use or share:

  • The main focus as to why we collect this information and use it is to provide the product or service for which you have enquired about. This information is used to allow you to gain information of our support, products, etc.
  • We also use information we collect to improve our ability to meet your needs through the services and products we offer. For example:
  • The information we gather to provide our support to help you reach your needs through our products and services are used for instance, your address helps you connect to the correct staff in the region you are in.
  • The information we use may also be to keep you posted on all Shifra products and services through advertising, newsletters, content, offers promotions from Shifra or their partners.
  • Shifra may use some data and information for internal training purposes to help our support staff gather more information on new issues and ways to handle them.
  • Shifra safeguards your personal information and keeps it confidential. This information will not be shared with any third parties except:
  • Third-party partners, distributors, vendors and service provides to allow the mention parties to support in a technical, profession or business task for Shifra.
  • To co-operate with fraud prevention, law enforcement or any other government investigation.
  • As needed by laws and regulations.
  • If Shifra believes it is needed to protect Shifra, its customer or the public.
  • If Shifra sells a portion or all of its business.

Controlling our use of your personal data:

  • You can contact us to change any personal information you have shared with us, including updating or deleting any of that data.
  • In case you wish to stop receiving our advertisements, updates or any of our content, a link will be shared with you that will redirect you to a website that will allow you to change your preferences or stop receiving them completely.

Security of your personal data:

  • Your data with Shifra is protected for your privacy with industry regulations, practices and standards that are available to us for relevant commercial reasons. Shifra makes sure your personal information that is sent to us by you is safeguarded by all measures technically and physically to prevent any infringement, unlawful processing, damage, destruction or accidental loss. We seek to protect all your personal data, Shifra uses standard SSL encryption to increase security of your sensitive information transmissions in our sites. Shifra needs your collaboration to make sure and ensure the information you transmit to us is secured. Shifra cannot guarantee that the internet is 100% secure, hence we cannot strongly ensure the security of any personal data provided to us by you.
  • Shifra urges you to take every precautionary measure to protect all your personal data and information while using the internet. You should always takes precautionary steps to protect your information against any unauthorized access to your phone, computer, password. Other steps might include creating a complex password, not sharing your login and password credentials, or not keeping your account(s) logged on a shared computer.
  • In addition, you should always use an up-to-date secure internet browser and always keep it updated as required.
  • Shifra is not responsible for any stolen, compromised or lost passwords or any unauthorized password activity on your account.

Retention of Personal Information

We will reserve your personal data as required to provide the services for which it was collected for. We will also preserve and utilize your personal data as needed to comply with our legal obligations, protect our assets, enforce our agreements and for our business requirements.

Use of Cookies

Shifra may also gather information about your whereabouts on the internet and other data using Cookies. A cookie is a small file stored on your laptop/computer by a website to remember certain information. There are many purposes for cookies and some of those purposes are necessary to how our website works.

We use cookies for the following reasons:

  • To track visitor behavior on the site, such as the pages you visited and where you left our site. This helps us to improve the site and your browsing experience.
  • To help us track behavioral analytics on the website, including pages you were on and where you exited our site, helps us improve your browsing experience and our website.
  • To follow our partners referrals. This is to distinguish what part of our marketing channels are successful and there allowing us to compensate external websites that help us direct you to us.
  • To advertise, promote and to target products and solutions relevant to your needs and put a limit on how often you see an advertisement. Cookies helps us to share your information for example your name, email telephone, IP address for targeting reasons.

If you do not want us to use cookies, please adjust your browser settings to reject cookies.  By visiting with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies, this tells us that you want to use our website and that you consent to our use of cookies.


Information Collection

Shifra uses marketing websites like LinkedIn and other marketing providers to collect organizations contact information for users working in specific companies, industries or countries. These organizations assures us that they are compliant with data privacy laws in acquiring the data and information they provide to us.

You can directly contact these companies for data and information collected by these companies.

Shifra collects information that includes:

Name, Telephone Number, Company, Job Position, Job roles and Responsibilities and Email Addresses.

Shifra does not collect any private or non-business related information such as home address, date of birth, government identification number, credit card numbers, or personal email and person telephone number. Shifra does not collect sensitive private information.

Purpose and Use

Shifra uses your data only for marketing purposes in the interest of Shifra as a B2B provider of services, solutions and products relevant to your organization or employer.

Access and Opt-Out Rights

With regards to the data Shifra holds about you, you have full rights of access, change, delete and restriction. You also have the right to stop processing procedures. To exercise these rights, you can contact Shifra at any given time.

Shifra, with accordance to all legal requirements and internal privacy policies will treat requests for access, change and/or deletion of data. If you are not satisfied with your requests, you have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate regulatory authority in your country.

Children’s Policy

Shifra promotes parents having an active role in their children’s activities online. Shifra’s websites, services, marketing campaigns and advertisements are to be consumed and viewed only by adults over the age of 18 years old. Shifra does not collect personal data from anyone under 13 years of age that we are aware of. If we are aware that this data has been obtained from a child below 13 years of age, we will delete their personal data expeditiously.

Information Security

Shifra keeps suitable and reasonable administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect is database from unauthorized and illegal access, change, or deletion of information.

Changes to this Data Processing Notice

Shifra is reserving the right to change the Data processing notice and will inform you prior to the changes as required by law.

Consent to Transfer, Processing and Storage of Personal Information 

As Shifra, we can transfer your personal data to relevant third party partners or vendors. By using our website or services or providing relevant personal data to us, you consent to processing, transfer and retention of such data to a country of your residence where data protections standards might vary. Shifra safeguards your information and enables the global transfer or your personal data.


You can also contact Shifra with regards to privacy information. This includes any requests for access, change, correction or deletion of data. Please contact for more details.