Partner incentive program

How it works?

WHO: Sales rep from Reseller partners with a good credit history
WHEN: 3rd quarter, effective 1 April 2015
HOW: There are 3 phases of sales activity and pipeline creation to be rewarded!1st Phase: Qualified Opportunity: Sales rep organizes a meeting with a Prospect Customer and invites Shifra Product Manager2nd Phase: POC stage, while Shifra team is receiving a request for POC from a Prospect3rd Phase: Purchase Order received, while Sales rep submits PO to and cc relevant Shifra Product Manager
WHAT IS A DEAL? There are different rewards value for each the phase:While you achieve:1st Phase: you get $40/Meeting2nd Phase: you get $70/POC3rd Phase: you get a reward based on a PO value:

Submitted PO value*:

$1K – 9.9K, you get $80

$10K – $24.9K, you get $100

$25K – $49.9K, you get $200

All deals at $50K and above, you get $300

WHAT IS NEXT? You get a cheque/gift card with earned amount!Good luck!