Project Description

Wombat solutions enable organizations to:

  • Extend phishing prevention to the desktop
  • Prioritize threats for faster remediation
  • Reduce risk with our continuous training methodology
  • Reduce the duration and impact of an active phishing attack

Wombat also provides various forms of support including:

  1. Pre-Launch Support:
    • Pre-launch phone conference
    • Customization
    • Email filter check
    • Importing contacts
    • Pre-launch testing
  2. Post-Launch Sup:
    • Live Chat support
    • Email support
    • Phone support
  3. Add-on Support:
    • LMS Integration

Wombat’s experienced security training and awareness program experts go beyond teaching you how to use their products and platform. Customer Success Managers help you leverage our proven Continuous Training Methodology and Learning Science Principles to reduce risk and change end user behavior.

Starting with an introductory success strategy call to discuss program goals and best practices, your Customer Success Manager will schedule routine check-in meetings and work closely with you to develop and execute an effective and measurable security awareness training program.