Delivering Trust to the Digital World


Our VisionPeace of mind for all global businesses and government entities with complete and proven digital security solutions. When it comes to online security, most organizations seek to strike the right balance of protection with an optimal user experience. With this in mind, VASCO developed an innovative platform along with patented security technologies, utilizing the strongest encryption and latest in biometrics, that enable custom tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. This translates into more focus on the business and less on security vulnerabilities and compliance exposure

Unlike desktop applications, mobile apps are harder to secure because they are often written with no built-in security. Delivering mobile apps that are secure and usable increasingly requires invisible technologies like RASP (runtime application self-protection) which assesses the integrity of the mobile app, and behavioral biometrics (aka behaviometrics), which accurately authenticates users by the unique way they interact with their device. The net result is more secure and frictionless mobile transaction experiences.

Learn how to make your mobile apps more usable and secure:

  • Why taking a layered approach to risk — at the device, app, user action and collection layers — enable enterprises to protect their network against malicious activity
  • How “fileless” malware can compromise an otherwise uninfected system, threatening even the most well-crafted apps
  • How to integrate biometrics into the authentication process so users have the best possible frictionless banking experience.
  • Why strengthening the overall authentication chain from app through device is imperative to knowing whether a banking customer is a legitimate user or a criminal masquerading as one.


VASCO is a global leader in digital trust security via two-factor authentication, transaction data signing, document e-signature and identity management solutions designed for all businesses and government agencies. More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on VASCO to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.