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Incident Response Platform

Resilient Systems provide an incident response platform which is collaborative with workflows, intelligence and deep-data analytics to react better, faster and smarter to threats or incidents. Incident Response Platform produces and manages instant incident response plans. Together with its Security and Privacy modules, it provides IR teams with best-practice action plans and flexible workflows. It’s also agile, allowing teams to modify their response to suit organizational needs, and continues to adapt in real time as incidents evolve.


Resilient’s Security Module offers a powerful foundation for response planning, management, and mitigation. Its dynamic actions plans, automated intelligence feeds, and comprehensive reporting make big teams teams better, and small teams big. It houses best practices on how to deal with nearly every type of incident, providing a dynamic instruction set that can lead a team through the most effective path to respond. The Resilient platform can easily be customized to support an organization’s unique requirements without requiring specialized skills or programming expertise.

Based on an industry-leading knowledgebase of global regulatory requirements, Resilient’s Privacy Module provides an instant, highly customizable platform for breach preparation, assessment, and management – turning a lengthy, tedious, and expensive process to one that is efficient, compliant, and always up to date.

  • Action Module

Resilient’s Action Module provides an automatic, fast, and flexible way for organizations to act on incidents. It synthesizes data from detection, ticketing, and forensic systems to provide critical real-time information so that teams respond better and faster. Organizations can fine-tune and streamline response processes without custom development or specialized programming skills.