Lastline Breach Defender™ is a network threat analytics solution that puts the information you need to respond quickly and effectively to evasive threats at your fingertips. Its unmatched threat detection and analytics technologies provide you with superior awareness of the scope of advanced threats in your network.

Lastline Breach Defender™ makes your security operations more effective by delivering complete visibility into advanced threats operating in your network:

  • Automatically collects and analyzes isolated events from perimeter, network, and endpoint tools to deliver high-fidelity alerts
  • Categorizes and consolidates activity to link malicious behavior to define the scope of the attack in a unified view
  • Triages threat activity from across the network to identify the highest risk incidents

Lastline Breach Defender combines three critical aspects of network security to make your security operations more effective: Automated Data Collection, Categorization of Complex Threat Behavior, and Triage of Threats.

Automated Data Collection

Lastline Breach Defender automatically collects and analyzes data from a wide range of sources across you network, so your security analysts don’t spend their valuable time gathering data. Lastline Sensors collect and analyze network activity, and your existing security controls and network devices can provide additional information as well. In addition, Lastline Breach Defender supplements the data collected in your network with threat intelligence from the Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network.

Categorization of Complex Threat Behavior

Lastline Breach Defender uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and categorize network anomalies, and then correlate those anomalies with malicious behavior it detects on your network.

Triage of Threats

Lastline Breach Defender uses the information collected from across your network to triage threat activity from across the network to identify the most severe incidents. It generates a dynamic blueprint of the breach activity in your network, enabling you to quickly visualize the scope of the attack. The data visualization enables you to quickly identify and block unwanted activity. You can use Lastline Sensors to improve breach protection as they defend your network from malicious activity, as well as share data with any third-party security controls to launch response workflows.