Advance Threat Detection, BYOD and Network Access Control

Bradford Networks is the leading provider of rapid threat response solutions that minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats.

The company’s patented Network Sentry solution enables Cyber Security Teams to:

Continuously assess the risk of every user and endpoint on the network

Automatically remove vulnerable and compromised devices that act as backdoors for cyber criminals.

Through its SmartEdge Platform, Network Sentry seamlessly integrates with the leading Advanced Threat Detection solutions to correlate high-fidelity security alerts with a threat’s foothold. This unique correlation bridges the silos of security, network, and endpoint information to enable confident, automated threat containment before it has an adverse impact on the business. Bradford Networks’ network security solutions are used by more than 900 enterprise customers worldwide in markets such as healthcare, financial services, retail, government, education and more.

Advanced Defense System and Network Protection

Corero Network Security is dedicated to improving the security of the Internet through the deployment of its innovative First Line of Defense® DDoS protection solutions. Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System provides:

  • real-time protection against a continuously evolving spectrum of DDoS attacks that have the potential to impact any Internet connected business;
  • opportunity to enhance defense-in-depth security architectures with an important additional layer of security capable of inspecting traffic arriving from the Internet and alerting and or blocking attack traffic before it impacts your environment.

The goal of the Corero First Line of Defense security layer is to protect the customer’s network infrastructure, online services and confidential data against DDoS attacks. Corero solutions are designed to be always on providing automatic attack mitigation with continuous threat visibility and network forensics.

The Corero First Line of Defense solution provides comprehensive, real-time DDoS protection against the latest breed of attacks, including network and application layer DDoS attacks, volumetric, multi-vector attacks and access attempts from IP addresses with a bad reputation or from unwanted geo-locations. These varied cyber-threats have the potential to challenge traditional network security defenses and compromise networks.